Soccer Camp Testimonials


"I had the pleasure of attending the camp last summer, and had a great experience. It was extremely well organized, there was a lot of very good competition, and it gave me a great impression of the coaches abilities and soccer knowledge. I was introduced to college coaching and expectations of D1 prospects, which helped me improve on certain aspects of my game. In addition to soccer, I really enjoyed the beautiful campus and atmosphere all around. It's a great opportunity for any serious college prospect."

"Going to the Loyola camp provided a great opportunity to work and familiarize myself with the coaching staff. I enjoyed staying in the dorms and living on campus for a few days. The camp was a lot of fun and something I would highly recommend to anybody with aspirations of playing division 1 soccer."

"Staying over night was such a great experience at Loyola. Hanging with the guys, eating delicious food, and playing with well rounded players was a true experience for me. The staff was awesome and throughout the camp sessions on the soccer field, you guys went through technical and tactical movements that are met at the college level. I had a great time with the campers and current players."